Battlefleet Mars - thanks and issue in v. 1.7

Thank you to those who created and improved the BFM module. I could not find an email address, so I am posting the question here.

I was trying to use the module 1.7 with the Game Start scenario. There is no option to choose the “Mars” side. Is this deliberate with some mechanism to change or a simple oversight in the module?

Thanks again,

Whoever edited it last most likely forgot to “retire” from the Mars side before saving the scenario. Someone will need to edit it and resave, making sure they don’t control either side before saving. (Sorry, don’t have time to deal with it myself at the moment.)

Thanks for the fast reply! I can try to re-edit this final step.

I am currently working to update the module. Here is an interim revision: … sp=sharing
And yes I forgot to retire.
This version has the Z-axis tactical map. Nameable ships. planets in correct starting locations. Tracking markers corrected.
Still working on LOS thread giving correct travel times.

Hi Jardic,

Thanks for all your work on this, I will try this revision and look forward to the final version.

Nameable ships sounds like fun. I am fond of some of the original names “Dusty”, “Belter II”, “Whamo” etc.

With a name like “Belter” I wonder if the writer of “the expanse” book series played BFM sometime.

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Version K26: … sp=sharing
almost done

Great module, thanks Jardic.

My friend and I have playing both a strategic and tactical game with it . Some of the features such as markers for the status boxes, are very useful. The 3-displays are much appreciated.

Thanks again