BattleLore Call to Arms - Invalid VASSAL Module Error

I downloaded the BatteLore Call to Arms module, but I can’t seem to successfully open it. The download is a Zip archive , so I left it in archive format and just downloaded it directly to my Vassal game folder. When I start Vassal and then access ‘File’ > ‘Open Module’ then browse to the archive and click open, I receive the following message:

“Invalid VASSAL Module
the File c:\Games\VASSAL-\ is not a valid VASSAL module.”

I’ve downloaded and successfully run the Warrior Knights module, which is archived as a ZIP file in the same manner. Something I’ve noticed is that the Call to Arms archive differs from the Warrior Knights archive in that there’s no ‘Info’ file present in the Call to Arms root folder, just a ‘BuildFile’.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this may not be working, I’d appreciate hearing them.

Never mind, looks like I solved it…I didn’t realize the was an extension. I placed the zip archive in the ‘\BattleLorev1.2_ext’ folder and the Call to Arms features are now present. :wink: