Battlesta Galactica

I am looking for some more players to join a BSG game. If interested, post here.

interested ;)

so am I

Anybody else? I think I have another player that might join in.

I’m in

count me in, please.

I’m in but I will warn you I am a total newbie to Vassal. I know BSG some. As long as you guys don’t mind some likely stupid questions I’m in.

(I do have the Vassal engine and the BSG(ffg) module installed and its working so no worries there.)


I’m interested!

I am interested in playing, but am completely new to Vassal.

If you guys are still up for it, ill play too. (FYI im relatively new to the gqme, ive never played it myself but ive seen it played)

I’m up for a game anytime, if this is still on the table.

I’m always up for a game.

I’m interested in BSG, when do people usually play, when I’ve logged on either I’m the only one for BSG, or games are already in progress.

Battlestar Galactica - the best game of my gaming history! I love it. // Aleje (

I love BSG too, I agree it is the best game, to bad I can never find anyone playing on Vassal

Also agree on it. Looking for game and players.
PM me.

I’m also interested in playing

Count me in, please.

Hello, I am new to vassal and would like to try some games, like BSG and others. I am familiar with Board Game Arena, where you can just enter and you will likely find someone to play with. Does it work the same here, or do you arrange for the games in advance?

I am interested in playing BSG and other games.

I live in Central Time Zone in USA (obviously)