Battlestar Galactica-Board Game Nights Club

Hello everyone!
I’ve just installed vassal, but played BSG board game for years. I’m looking for somebody who wants to play with me.
I’m from Italy, but i can speak english as well.

in the lobby I’m “Phil McFarland”, contact me if you are interested or if you need a pleyer.

Hey, I’m also looking for people to play this game with.

In vassal I’m Kyle and my discord is below

Please message me if you need a player.

I’ve been wanting to try to get at least a bi-weekly if not weekly game, I was thinking Weds 6 pm (Pacific Time).

Even if it’s only an hour for East Coast or overseas.

I m looking for players for bsg to for live gaming with vassal and skype

I m in france so at gmt+1

Hey, we have games almost every other day… If you’re interested in ever joining in or playing more often check out our Discord group.