Battlestar Galactica-Board Game Nights Club

Hey all, I host an online club (8 memebers currently) that get together at 4p EST to play a game of somekind.
Currently, since we just formed it, we only play BSG with no expansions till everyone gets a feel for VASSAL.

If your interested, just drop a reply on this thread or leave your skype info here/in a PM. Skype/Mic required.

Do you get together everyday, or certain days of the week? I am Central time, 1 hour behind eastern, so Monday through Fridays at that time are out for me, as I don’t get home from work and able to play until 7 PM Eastern on weekdays…

…same here (PDT or GMT -8), but certainly interested! :smiley:

I would be interested in giving this a go! I’ve played all the expansions plus the original board game but never used vassal.

4pm EST is perfect also. Anyway hit me up if you need another :slight_smile:

PS. Tried to PM you Skype details but don’t think it worked. Add me Desaan84. Cheers

I’ve been looking for a group to play BSG with. Just moved away from my brick and mortar and found Vassal as a nice way to scratch that itch.

Hey everyone, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, hectic month. I forgot to mention in the original post, which I’ll try to edit, that the game is 4pm EST Sat.

If you want to join in, feel free to leave your skype here or drop me a pm. Remember though, the group now has in 10 members and places are assigned on a first come-first served bases, so get there early and if the game is full, sorry.

Also, try to actually commit time to play the game. We had a game that was cancelled due to everyone going away for 20 minutes at a time for no reason.

I’d be interested Nathan.toler on Skype.


Are you guys still willing to add more members? I have been desperately trying to get my own buddies on the vassal/BSG train but they stick their nose up at for some reason.

I really love the game and just want to play with other people who enjoy it. Would be able to play regularly and wouldn’t have any issues staying for the length of the game.



Skype account: krx003

Hi, I’d be very interested in learning vassal and playing with you guys! My skype and vassal are both theswad.

Hey, I’m interested in playing BSG. Please add me to the roster! Skype: karoakemachine

Hi I would be interested, I’m on the west coast so if games are only start at 4pm Eastern, I could only do it on the weekends at most. Hopefully a 2nd game would start a little later some of the evenings, or if more west coast people sign up as well.

My Login and Skype are both DaveBSG75.

I’m new to the Vassal, but I saw a play through on Youtube, with BSG. I also own a physical copy of the game with the expansions, it’s my favorite Boardgame.

I look forward to playing online as well.

Also interested. I move between Central/Mountain at different times, but Saturdays should work. Skype: matt.lowrie0

Hi I’ve played BSG a IRL a few times, I’m new to vassal, but I’d like to learn to play online.

I’m very interested if anyone wants to play, I’ve played once irl but never in vassal, I’m on GMT but I’m very flexible with Time especially for the next month or so

Im keen to play too!

im new to Vassal but i have the real board game. I havent played it much however.

my skype is thong.tan87

If the group that play together in the OP is full should we form a new group?

I am interested! MY schedule changes weekly so I can’t always make it but I’d love to try whenever I can. I have a lot of experience with the base game and some with Pegasus but have never tried the later expansions (although I do own them). And I am new to Vassel as well.

I am interested too. I live in ET time. We could form that second group on skype if nothing happens anymore:
Skype me: rafeel69
Vassal: raphael clayette


I’m an active player in european timezone (GMT + 1) and I am very eager to play BSG some day. I own the game, but only the original one (thus, no expansions) but I have never been able to play it with friends, since no one seems interested, unfortunately (I must be the only one of my friends having seen the TV show, actually).

I know the rules and won’t be a burden if you take me in.

I am mostly french-speaking, but am also fluent in english and german.

PM me if interested ! Or contact me if I’m in the BSG lobby, pseudo “Dartreb”.