Battlestar Galactica Exodus Loyalty Deck Final Five

I ran the Battlestar Galactica with the Exodus expansion and the Exodus Fleet board. When I checked the Loyalty deck, all the Human cards are the generic “You are not a Cylon” cards. There were no Final Five or Personal Goal cards. The Exodus expansion appears to be installed correctly as I get all of the other features from the expansion. Why am I not seeing any Final Five or Personal Goal loyalty cards?

I think this is because modules (and expansions) created for FFG games aren’t allowed to include card text. This is their way of making sure that you have the game in order to play it on Vassal.

That’s not the reason. The funny thing is… it worked once. Some people got the final five card. But now, when I flip over all of the cards in the “Human” deck, I get the image of Baltar with his hands out and it reads You are not a Cylon. The final five cards and personal goal cards don’t appear with or without text. There’s either some weird bug, or I’m doing something wrong. Exodus module is loaded… I see the Exodus skill cards, but no final five or personal goal cards.

I figured out what I did wrong. Pretty stupid of me. The Final Five and Personal Goal cards are in separate decks accessible via the “Conflicted Loyalties” tab. I should have moved the cards from here to the Human card stack. Sheesh.