Battlestar Galactica FFG

I’m looking for (preferably European, concerning time zones) players for Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game by FFG. I haven’t played it before, but I know the rules and would love to play it. If you’re interested, reply in this topic or send me a pm.

I’m interested!


I want to play too.

I’d be up for some BSG. I own all the expansions as well (Daybreak is being shipped to me).

I’m on Eastern, but on weekends I could get on fairly early (IE. 10am EST, 2pm GMT) and play.

I’m up for it.

I’d love to find a BSG group. played the game only once with more experienced players (so I had some guidance) but absolutely loved it. I’m also new to vassal. So if you don’t mind having a noob for the first game consider me in. BTW I’m US eastern but pretty flexible with my hours of playing.

I’m really interested in getting a game going. If the founder of this thread doesn’t holler back, maybe we could coordinate on our own?

How about tuesday, 17:00 GMT+1?

Or yeah, on weekends anytime. Let’s just get some suggestions going.

Hey if anyone want to play im game add me on Skype: defiantbotf

I am very much interested in finding a vassal BSG gaming group in Europe or wider. I watched MrBritishGamers YouTube videos and decided I’d sign up.

I want to play too. Anyone can pm me for next 365.

If you are interested n finding other Vassal players around the world for BSG this thread is amazing. I organised my first game in 3 days. … -and-cylon