Battlestar Galactica FFG

Anyone up for a game? :slight_smile:

I’m interested to play by PBEM or Online!

Cool. I am usually online looking for a group. If enough people respond to this, we can plan a session.

I would be interested as well, if you don’t mind a first-timer (I have read the rules, just haven’t played yet)

I do not mind a first timer. If you don’t mind, I would like to introduce the first expansion to you as well. I will not use the new objective so it is still the same way to win the game, nor will we use the new Cylon leader class but it will add a new ship called the Pegasus and a new deck called Treachery. I have experience with all of the expansions and after playing with all of them the base game seems very plain by itself. Adding the first expansion will add a whole lot more to the base game without changing much since we will not be using the new objective and Cylon leader I mentioned above.

I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ve looked up the expansion and it looks like an interesting addition to the game.

Cool. So 3 of us so far. Would love more people.

More people you say? I just discovered VASSAL a week ago but I cant find anyone to try out Galactica yet, luckily I found your (at least I think it was yours) post on the FFG forums … -play-bsg/ I’ve read the rules, seen a few play throughs and am pretty eager to play, mind if I tag along?

Set condition one throughout the ship!

That post wasn’t mines, lol. I am eager to get a 5 player game going. You can be our 4th and all we need is a 5th.

Quick Edit: As I mentioned earlier, I would like to also use the Pegasus expansion as well but I have been thinking about this regard again and I think that it should be fine to add exodus as well since most of those components are optional. We will not be using any of those optional components at all until the newbies understand the game. So all exodus will bring to the table are new characters and a revised execution rule which was tweaked to be more balanced from Pegasus. So if you guys agree to use Pegasus in our first game, I don’t see why we can’t add Exodus as well. I will put off daybreak until everyone learns the everything else because that expansion has a lot of mandatory new features we need to implement.

Ahahaha, well at least I found you guys.
I’m cool with Pegasus, Kobol objective and the Exodus bits you mentioned

More characters and a revised rule? That sounds like it can only be an improvement. So I agree on adding the Exodus parts.

Just thinking, adding exodus will also add the additional exodus crisis, quorum, etc cards. But I doubt that will change much

Yeah it won’t change anything really. It will be different. We aren’t going to use the personal goals or final 5 loyalty so that should be fine. Still using kobol so no need to worry about the trauma tokens and ally cards.

I would love to play. never played exodus but I know the base game pretty well

Well if Delevor is still with us for this game that makes it 5 players

I’ve been wanting to have a go at BSG on Vassal too, so next time you guys are looking for another player, I’m up for it!

You can be our 5th or 6th it doesn’t matter to me. Probably 5th if everyone can make it tomorrow. I am free tomorrow.

When is a good time for everyone?

I am est so any time after 5 pm est is good for me

Rest of you guys good for that?