Battlestar Galactica- No expansions:newbie level game

Me and two friends are going to play a bunch of BSG games and will play multiple over time probably. We are looking for anyone willing to stick through an entire game session to come join us, up to around a maximum of 3 players not including us 3.

I have played before but am rusty, neither of them have played before so absolute newbies are totally welcome, having watced the series will help you get in the mood for it but isnt necessary!

Just pm me your skype or steam name or something I can contact you with and I’ll be accepting it based on first come first serve. I Will be adding everyone who expresses interest to my list of contacts for BSG games, so in future games or if someone drops out there will be people who can jump in.

The probable game play time will be approximately 6pm-9pm GMT +0. There is not much leeway on this as working time tables prohibit it.

All welcome!

P.s the rules can be found on FFGs site free here: … galactica/

PS. Working microphone is pretty much an essential for this, low quality mics are fine!

I swear PM’s don’t work on this forum ><

Anyway, always keen for a game depending on the time you guys play. Add me on Skype - Desaan84


I’m totally on board, feel free to msg me here or on skype. My username is the same for both: theswad. Psyched to learn vassal and play some games!


I’ve still been looking for a group to play some BSG with. I understand all the rules to the game (because I own the physical board game), but have only been able to play it twice (so I still consider myself a newbie). I love the game, and just want to play with others who are also excited about it.

Let me know if you need more people!


Skype account: Krx003

Interested in games.

I’m interested in playing. I live in New Zealand though so would have to work out times

I’m interested

Hi there, are you still looking for someone? Just call me here or make a PM. Thx.

I am interested in playing if you are still looking. I live in USA Central Time Zone. Interested in playing most any game. PM me.

If you are still looking for players, I would be happy to join you. I’ve played quite a lot of BSG(both base and with expansions), though that was a while ago and I am probably quite rusty. I’m from Europe(Central European Time) though I lack Skype. I wouldn’t mind downloading it, but I quite dislike it for group talks and would suggest that Discord is a better option. PM me if you are interested.

Would love to find a group to play BSG with! If anyone is interested let me know!
Im in Canada EST time zone if that helps with any planning