Battlestar Galactica not enough secrecy

Just played a test game tonight of BSG with the following
Vassal: 3.1.14
Battlestar Galactica 1.4.1
Battlestar Pegasus extension 1.4

We have played the board game on table top several times but found several issues with the module and wasn’t sure if we were using it wrong or if the module needs fixing.

How do you look at other players loyalty cards with Gaius’ ability or from a Crisis? We tried flipping the card and then swapping between players but it wouldn’t allow us to flip someone else’s loyalty card.

Drawing cards from the following decks comes with an announcement of what card was drawn:
Super Crisis

All of them decks should be secret draws so were we drawing them incorrectly? We were placing them in the Player box.
There should simply be an announcement like when a skill card is drawn just showing which deck was drawn from.

The loyalty cards would need to be designated as accessible to any player side in the module design

Sounds like a reporting problem, again easily fixed as most of this sounds like module design issues, you need to get the module maintainer to fix these for you

Well I spent last night fixing these issues myself which took a while as I only discovered Vassal yesterday ;)

There are other issues with the module though, no ability to put cards on the bottom of decks and other small things that don’t allow you to conform to the rules. I’ve sent a message to the module designer, little worried that the e-mail address looks a bit fake in the link on the module page. In the mean time I’ll try and create a fully working version for myself and friends.