Battlestar Galactica

I’m interested in hosting and playing a live base game on Sunday, Oct 16, at 4PM EST US (GMT -5). Let me know if interested.

I would be interested if we could get 5 or 6 and you can understand my English accent. :wink:

I’m interested! It’d be my first game, but I’m pretty familiar with the rules. With Skype?

Not with Skype, I don’t have a mic.

Okay, cool. I’ll be there either way!

Looking for a couple more opponents so we can get started.

Heads-up to all, we’re gonna do this again on Sunday, Oct 23 at 4pm EST!

Okay, we’re online and ready to go!

We’ll be playing again Sunday, Oct 30 at 4PM EST and could use another player.

I’d love to join your game. Hope I won’t cause any trouble, thought, because I’ll be using vassal for the first time. Of course I have played BSG several times in RL and know rules well.
Another thing to notice is that I’m from Czech Rep. so I’m not a native English speaker (but I didn’t forget to convert time to our zone and it suits me well).
So if you don’t mind these disadvantages, I’m eager to play.

Hi Beorn!

We’d love to have you in the game. We didn’t use Skype for our last game, and probably won’t for this one, so I wouldn’t worry about your English… the English in your post above is about as good as any of ours! :smiley:

Regarding Vassal: I’d recommend playing with the module by yourself for a few minutes sometime before the game, so you can get used to how it works - how to open your hand, add cards to it, contribute to a skill check, move ships, etc. You’ll find it’s a breeze.

Looking forward to playing with you… gonna be fun!

Already did :wink: It’s really intuitive. I couldn’t try out everything being the only man on board but I believe it’ll come out during the game. See you on Sunday then.

Btw: Do you use Pegasus? I don’t know this expansion yet and I would have to study the rules first.

Nope, base game only for now.

I’ve played Battlestar Galactica many many many times in my home town. I’d love to play a game on Vassel. The main problem is that I haven’t downloaded and tested BG on Vassel yet. You can email me at:

If we can set up a faster way to communicate; phone, skype, ventrilo, mumble, or chatroom. Then we can get my Vassal up and running; ready to play a game of BSG!

Ok, I just downloaded Vassal, and ran it. It wants me to download the module for the board game I’ll be playing. Can you tell me exactly what the module name is, and if you can provide a link, that would be awesome!

Here you go!

I’d recommend just getting the Base module for now (not the expansions), since that’s all we’ll be playing, anyway.

I have my module downloaded and ready to go for Sunday.

How many players are we going to have? and is it going to start in 20 minutes?

There are six in the room right now, including me. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for the room LOL