Battlestar Gallactica Live

Hello all!

Wondering if anyone wants to form a new group or has a spot in an ongoing group for BSG. Quarentined at home and wanting to get a few more mileage playing this game!

Please, let me know!

Luiz Fernando

Hie !

I’m up to it, never played it but i’ve seen a whole game on YT on vassal and the game looks fantastic.

Here i’m on lockdown too, since 1 week (France) and i could use some distractions :slight_smile:


Sounds fun, ages since I last played. Any idea when you’re thinking?

Hey ages since I played this, any idea when you might be thinking?

Hey there!

In the same boat and would like to join! Should we get a discord going?

We have 2! Need 1 more and we have a game going! any takers? C’MON! dd=

Wait… we have 4 already? Nando (you), Thessaly, JeanMimi, myself (Kris)
We can actually start as 4 but 5 would be amazing. More drama and excitement! One more and we’ve got it!!

I will gladly jump in if you all are still looking for people?