BCS - Panzers Last Stand - pbem

I have PLS (and Arracourt on order). Looking for opponents for any scenario. Still new to the system but have the rules down OK - still make the odd error :slight_smile: I play for the learning, the game and the history, and the camaraderie. BCS plays very well pbem and I can usually do one activation/logfile per day.
You may email me on … macfabre264@gmail.com … if you prefer.

Hello Martin.
I’ll be interested in a game of PLS. I have quite a good grasp on the system and already played the campaign.
Your email may be wrong, I tried to sent you mails but i was rebuffed…
Let me know if you are still on for a game !

Hi Arnaud,
What an idiot I am - it is mackfabre264@gmail.com
So sorry Arnaud

Email sent, Martin.

Have a nice day.