BCS Pbem Opponents Wanted

I am loving BCS and just started my first PBEM game.
Looking for more action. Comfortable with any of the games except Panzers Last Stand as I just don’t know the history well on that one, and having that background knowledge is a big part of the fun for me.
If you are new to BCS don’t worry, it is a much easier game to learn than you think - you just have to “unlearn” about 20-30yrs of traditional wargaming first!

I’m just curious, what does “BCS” stand for?

MMP’s Battalion Combat Series

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Incidentally, one of the games cannot be found by browsing the module directory because its page was created incorrectly, you can only find it from the Games by Series page.


Should be moved to: https://vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Panzers_Last_Stand:_Battles_for_Budapest,_1945

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What is BCS??? My friend, you are in for a real treat.
It is, dare I say it, the greatest gaming system every for operational WW2.
And very solo friendly, and works extremely well via PBEM . There is an excellent series on youtube that demonstrates the game step by step, turn by turn.

Hello Dave,

Email me if you have not found an opponent yet. I am relatively new to BCS but started playing The Last Blitzkrieg a couple of years ago. I have some understanding of the concepts but will need to review the rules again.

My email is fusilier9@hotmail.com


I fixed the page. Thanks for spotting that.