Before the New Year? Red Badge of Courage ONLINE scenario...

I’ve recently finished creating a module for the 2nd Bull Run portion of GMT’s “Red Badge of Courage”.

I have sent it out to a small list of playtesters, and have played one scenario myself, with a playtester, via PBeM.

I would like to test the module out in a simultaneous, online match (on the VASSAL server). I have put some “masking” features in for the Efficiency Markers and want to test their “security”.

Would anybody be interested in playing any of the scenarios (even just a few turns) online? I have all the scenarios in .vsav files, set up and ready to go, from the shortest, Brawner’s Farm, to the Full Battle scenario. Not fussy about which side I play, and whether I win or lose is unimportant. I would just like more sets of eyes on the project before I release it for general consumption.

I am free from work for the rest of the year (returning January 5, 2015), so I can be flexible as t which day or which hours. I’m in Portland, Oregon, USA (GMT-8).

PM me if you’re interested. I’ll supply the module, and all you need is a copy of the game and the new 2014 GBACW rules (for charts and tables and the 2nd Bull Run Battle Book, which are NOT recreated in the module).