begginer to memoir 44 LF players to teach me the game :)


I recently found out about memoir 44 and have played some solitare games to get myself accustomed to the controls of vassal.
I think I know most of the rules of the core game now but I would like some more players to instruct me in the ways of memoir 44 and tell me if i’m doing something wrong.

So if you think you have the time to spare, let me know and hopefully we can get a game or two in.

Phypr :slight_smile:

You don’t mention your timezone. If you want to do PBEM then we can play.

aww yeah sorry about that. I’m GMT (or UTC+0 if that makes better sense [which it doesnt to me :smiley:]) I would prefer to play live as i havent really looked into play by email yet