Beginner looking for patient opponent(s) (EN/FR/D)

I used to play simple wargames (mainly Napoleonic) in my 20’s (a long time ago :open_mouth: )
I am looking for opponent(s) willing to play by e-mail, the problem being that I have little time (but I think playing - again - would do me good) and think 1-2 turns a week would be my “regular input”.
Preferrence for Napoleonic era/up to WWII/Cold War/marine/Hex based but not a must, might try Fantasy if interesting.
Would need to learn rules first (I had started “Iena 1806”/“Days of Glory” rules but never played). That’s why opponent would need to be PATIENT… :mrgreen:
Can communicate in English, German, French and (at least in writing) Spanish.

Have you found an opponent yet? If not I would love a slow play game. Do you have any game/Game system you would like to try. Unlike you as an american I only speak English badly.

Dear Bruce
Ha ha love your sense of humour!
Thank you I have found an opponent but I have nothing against a second one but as I am getting slowly back in the game I would prefer sticking to one set of rules at the beginning.
I am getting to grips with “White Star Rising” edition 2 rules from a (I think) US Games publisher called “Lock n Load”
If you fancy it/already know the ruless I am not against having a go. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will soon be on summer break and will “digest” the rules during that time so that I should be “operational” from about beginning of August.
Best Regards