Best Looking Modules

I have some ideas I want to kick around. So, I want to know what do you think are the top three best looking vassal modules? Think of it this way. If you were in charge of marketing Vassal, what pretty pictures do you want in your color marketing brochure?

Here I Stand and Time of Crisis come to mind. Also, C&C Ancients.

I also like God’s Playground, it just feels like playing the game face to face, when you play it live with a voice connection, and that is due partly to the graphics.

That said, looks aren’t everything. 2nd Fleet and Sixth Fleet series might not win the beauty pageant but playing those games on Vassal is a joy.

What are we talking here, just general game graphics? Or some hybrid of game plus VASSAL interface? There’s not much you really do other than graphics for toolbar buttons, as far as the latter goes.

I’ve always thought there should be an annual Vassal awards. Best module, most creative module, best menu, best classic game revival, best Newly published game module, best piece design, most game modules produced.

That would be fun for the creators.

I always try to put a lot of emphasis on the design of the game, both in the images and in the sounds and also in the development of programming.

Surely, there are a lot of people who make some great modules