Best Method for Hidden Chit pick and reveal?

Working on the old SPI 1812 Area movement game and need to figure out how to do the tactical table chit pull for both virtual face to face and email games. Thanks in advance!!

Easiest way is to put all the chits in a “Deck” (Decks can contain any piece, not just cards), set the deck to always-face-down and most importantly “Always Shuffle”. Then when you pick a chit out, it will be random.

If you wanted to be fancy, you could have all the chits sitting face-up e.g. in a stack, and when the player is ready to pull a chit, you could have a Global Key Command that moves them all to a “Deck” hidden off screen or in a corner (same properties as the deck described above), and then a second one which draws them back (this will automatically be in random order) and puts them back in the pile, and the one on top is the “drawn” one. Or something like that.