Betrayal at the house n the hill !HELP!

Hello guys,
Im new to the community and online board gaming and i need your help. I have organized a game tonight with my friends for the game ‘‘betrayal at the house on the hill’’ but i came up with a problem. The tiles are stacked when i put them on the grid. This means that i cant use the tile ‘‘mystic elevator’’ (which it must be moved all the time) cause when i lay it down i cant pick it up again.
I am asking for help, if anyones knows how i can pick up a tile after i put it on the grid. Thanks in advance.

I assume you’re using version 1.2. Personally, after using 1.1 and 1.2, I think I prefer 1.1. But anyways!! To move a tile in 1.2, Shift+click to select the tile(s) you’d like to move, then drag. You don’t need to keep shift held down while you’re dragging, just shift+click the tile. When you click off the tile it will deselect.