Blitzkrieg Legend v4.26: Ghost image drag

Desc: When dragging a counter, there is the correctly-scaled translucent image at the mouse position and a second image (same graphic, but doesn’t change scale) offset from the cursor position. The second image remains throughout the drag operation.

Using: Windows 7, Java Version 8 Update 91, VASSAL 3.2.16, BlitzkriegLegend_v4_26.vmod.

Investigation: Seems to occur because the module defaults to PieceMover.DragHandlerNoImage behaviour. The code creates a pseudo cursor that tracks the mouse, while PieceMover.AbstractDragHandler.beginDragging also provides an image to Java’s DragGestureEvent.startDrag. As a test, I removed the image argument and offset from the startDrag call and the ghost image no longer appeared during the drag, but the operation performed correctly.

Notes: Took this investigatory path when I noticed that previous versions of Java runtime did not present the ghost image.