Blood Bowl

It simply must be done!

I need player icons though, as i am no pixel artist. The pitch and other bits are no problem…

I will use similar mechanics to my Space crusade and it will be easier if anything…

Would people play it?

Is there a way of logging a match and uploading it?

Scope for online leagues…

…yes I know there are already some great online leagues out there.

danjaman wrote:

Did you know that there is already a computer version in the works?
It’s due, I believe, early next year, on at least PC and X360, I think
some other platforms also, and will feature both the original turn-based
game-play and some kind of “Madden-lite” real-time mode.

Mentioned because a) it might save you some effort if what it does
covers what you want, and b) GW may be even keener than usual with the
cease-and-desist when there is direct, licensed competition.


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Yeh i guess wait and see what happens to the other clients out there after its release. Probably best to be cautious and not waste time making something that is unusable.

thanks for the advice tim

You can download an incomplete Blood Bowl module from

There was also a Blood Bowl variants module for Dungeonbowl etc., but I don’t know where to get it now. There is a thread on fumbbl.

I haven’t tested these modules. I prefer Skijunkie’s java client which is much more comfortable than a Vassal module, because it’s completely automated and I’m lazy. ;)

Yeh Skijunkies client is rather good, I play on Fummble quite a lot, theres some tough opposition on there ;)