Bobby Lee and loss of a Card

We are playing BL via online game and had the following happen. We both placed cards and I as the union flipped the Reb Card back over and returned it to the pool using the right click features.

My opponent now sees the card on the map and can not access it, but I do not see it. The card is effectively a ghost but it also is missing from the pool.

I believe it has something to do with me as the otherside flipping and returning the card to the pool instead of him doing so.

I will take a look at the problem when I get a chance.

As a rule of thumb, you should never mask (flip over) a piece (block, card) that belongs to your opponent because you take control of it when you do so. However, your described behavior goes beyond what I would expect. One thing you could try is to go to Preferences and enable the option that allows your opponent to unmask your pieces to see if that helps.