Both players signed onto same side

I’m currently playing a PBEM game of Sixth Fleet and somehow both of us have managed to set signed onto the NATO side, meaning that I (as the Soviet player) can’t see my hidden pieces. How can we fix this?

You each need to have personal module passwords that are different. Next time you load up your saved game, give up your player side and take observer status. Save the game. Go into the module preferences and change your module password (File menu → Preferences → Personal tab). Reload your saved game and take the Soviet player side. If it’s still not available, then other steps will be required (because it’s locked by some other password). Report back if this gets you where you need to be!

The fact that you can’t see your masked pieces suggests to me that you messed with your password mid-game. I don’t think you both suddenly share the same side.

I’ll ask a clarifying question–have you actually ascertained you are getting placed into the NATO player side, or are you just assuming you are by virtue of not being able to access the Soviet player side as intended? If you are “locked out” of the Soviet side, the usual explanation is that a player started the game on one computer, and has carried on from a second computer (which is using a different module password than the original computer).

Also, please verify what version of VASSAL you and the opponent are using. There were a number of patches over the life of 3.6.x that were meant to handle various problems related to blank module passwords and knock-on problems stemming from them.

Or you can just skip to a resolution–email me your most recent logfile or saved game and I’ll diagnose and return to you a fixed up file.

I retired and switched to Soviet 1. That fixed it.

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