Brand new to this and looking for a game


I’ve had this site recommended to me and I’ve also had C&C:Ancients or WotR recommended. I’ve not played either before, just scanned what I can find of the rules on BGG, so I will need a bit of help both getting started with VASSAL and with the game itself. I’m completely open to suggestions of other games, whatever you think is good.

Anyone fancy helping a newbie take his first steps? I’m based in the UK and can do some realtime play a fair few evenings.


Hi and Welcome!
Although there is no Vassal module for WotR, there is another program players use to play online.
It can be found here: … 1192061135

I am Pastafarian on that forum.

Great, thanks for that. I’ve just downloaded and installed the client. Seems fairly straight forward, I’ll experiment with it a bit.


Good. Let me know if/when you want to start a game. I don’t have the expansion (yet), but there is a way to play without it. We don’t have to get an entire game in one sitting.