Brick movement

Hay all. i just createt a Board 20*23 Hexes. each hex has one of four colors, (this is only visual colors for now)
Now my problem kicks in, i want to create a brik, that can move 3 fields in any direcktion, but only on 3 of the four difrent colors.

How to go about this. how do i define the colors in the grit, and how do i set the brik to move acordingly?

Hope that any one can help me, or direckt me to a TUT that can…

Yours ZB.

The attachment is a picture of a pice of the map.

On Apr 19, 2010, at 6:55 PM, ZleapingBear wrote:

You rely on the players to properly follow the rules of the game, just
as you do for a physical board game.

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