I am having all sorts of gripes with the Britannia module.

1.) I could change a destroyed fort into a Romano-British soldier. That could easily be prevented.

2.) I could not clone a Norwegian army.

3.) The units are all supposed to be strictly limited in number but still a game piece palette is used.

These issues could all be fixed, though once you factor in the various pre-saved scenarios it would be a lot of work. Also “cloning” would need to mean “move a unit from the supply.” (And in this case the use of pre-saved scenarios seems legit.) Obviously I could do it myself but I need a break from messing about with modules. Still I would be interested to know if anyone else has any views.

If you are willing to play the original version?
I made this module: … sp=sharing
and the 3-player version: … sp=sharing

Thanks for that. I do actually prefer the FFG version so I will stick with that. It’s annoying to me because I now know enough about VASSAL to know I could fix it, but also I don’t have the energy. It’s playable so long as someone is aware of its shortcomings.