I’ll be hosting a BSG game, anyone interested in joining please contact me on Skype at Nathan.toler
trying to get started with in an hour or so.
You need to have a mic and Skype to play in order to make this more fun. you don’t need a web cam


I know this is a bit late, but feel free to add me on skype and let me know when you’re planning on setting up a game of BSG. I’m always willing to play.


Skype account: Krx003

Unfortunately I’m late but hopefully there’s room for me in one of the next games :smiley:

Same here. Feel free to add me for another game. Id on Vassal/Skype is theswad.

also looking for a game. Feel free to add me on skype: wallebud


Looking for a game, too. Feel free to add me! Skype: karoakemachine

Looking for a game too, Skype: DaveBSG75