BtB, Opponent wanted


I am looking for opponent for Barbarossa to Berlin, PBEM using ACTS+Vassal. 2 games played so I am not an experienced player (hope to get better though). Normally send atleast 1 move per day (most likely 2-3+). Unless you plan to finish the game with me do not bother contacting cause I am kind of fed up with players that start a game and then quit after 2 turns…

I know I will fight to my bitter end no matter outcome…



Hello Peter, have not played for a little while and only a couple 3 games as well. Not one to stop a game however. Which side were you interested in playing. I am on Acts alreay so if you like to set game up I’ll join in. I am in Edmonton Alberta which is mountain time zone. Work shift work so replies at all different times.


Hi Peter,

Don’t know if you are still looking for an opponent but if you are I would be interested. I’m based in the UK so I guess 1 turn per day would be most likely.