Bug: 3.5.4 (pre-release):Editor: selected GP is zeroed

Did you know, if you are in the editor with a game open, if you select a Global Property, that GP is zeroed? Here’s what made me notice; using this module.

[attachment=0]zero a GP.jpg[/attachment]

I’ve tested three Module level GPs so far and it has been consistent.

Tested in 3.5.4-snapshot-61bf00885.

Hunh. I knew you could CHANGE the value of a Global Property in the Editor (if you open it and set a new starting value, its value immediately becomes that in the live game), but I never knew that just selecting them did that.

I might go out on a limb and say that’s… undesirable behavior.


Bugs in the Player caused by concurrently using the Editor to change the module will not be a very high priority. Just sayin’. Try editing and saving a map in the Editor while Playing a game.

Fair enough. I need to change my habits. I think I’ve lost time recovering from a map related editor bug before and there’s a few others around.

I wonder if Saving a game or going online could be disabled when the editor is open. Would that be possible or desirable? I’m thinking it would protect innocents like me from themselves. On the other hand, whilst that would prevent game corruptions from being Saved or affecting a live game, it wouldn’t help with editor errors that affect the module itself.


I’ve been working on the Terraforming Mars module in conjunction with a friend, and we sometimes test stuff by both having the game open in the editor and starting an online game, so I would prefer not to lose that option. I’d be fine with saving the game being disabled, however.

In general, I don’t believe there is a problem with opening and playing games while in the Editor and I have not seen any module corruption caused by this.

However, I have seen ‘operational’ issues (bugs?) that affect the play session when working this way.

I frequently use both features, sometimes together, so I certainly wouldn’t want to e.g. disable saving while running in the editor.