Bug: Cosmetic issue on macOS 11.0 with tabs

I am running VASSAL 3.4.3 on the Big Sur beta for macOS 11.0. The selected tab doesn’t look quite right. See attached image.

The selected tab renders as white text on a white background. The window at the bottom shows what the tab should look like. I checked dark mode too, but VASSAL doesn’t support dark mode.

Hi, We identified an issue where the default fonts are not being set correctly.

Could you please try the 3.4.4 snapshot build (VASSAL-3.4.4-SNAPSHOT-65040f175) and see if this resolves the problem:


I tried in the final 3.4.4 released today. It is the same: white text on white background.

We’re not responsible for rendering basic UI elements like tabs. This is very likely a bug in Java.

Here’s the issue in OpenJDK’s bug tracker: bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8251377

This Mac Big Sur issue is fixed by Java 16 which is bundled with Vassal v3.5.5.