Bug in Twilight Struggle module?

I was playing a game with the US and my opponent played “Grain Sales to Soviets”. I drew “Olympic games” from my opponent’s hand and played the event. DEFCON was 2 at this time.

After playing the Olympic Games, I was shown a dialog asking me if I (the US) wanted to boycott the event :open_mouth:. I think that, even being the USSR round, this dialog should have been shown to him, since it was me who played the Olympic Games event.

I chose the option “Boycott” and the game finished with a victory for the US. But in the game log it was the USSR who boycotted the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games Event drawn from Soviets.
*** US plays Olympic Games Event Event.
USSR boycotts the Olympic Games.
DEFCON decreased to 1.
!!! Global Thermal Nuclear War - US player wins. !!!
*** Game Over ***

Is this a bug? Should not be the USSR who has the option to boycott the games?