Bug? Map reports generated for a Drag and Drop regardless of a triggered command

I’ve noticed that map reports resulting from a Drag and Drop move of a piece get output to chat even when the Drag and Drop triggers a set of commands that make the report invalid (e.g. a command intended to prevent a piece being moved incorrectly).

My guess is that this is working-as-designed and the “Drop” is not seen by Vassal as part of the overall command ? And yet, a single UnDo does UnDo the whole thing, including an “UnDo” of the report to chat.

Workaround might require dispensing with in-built map reporting.

As designed – if you want anything “fancy” at all in your reporting, you’d need to move the reporting to the piece (all my modules do their move reporting via the apply-on-move trigger applied to the piece, so the piece can handle all the logic)


Thanks, yes. Plus also I find that map based reporting seems a lot more flexible now, or maybe I just understand it better. The ability to use the $…$ properties in beanshell seems to help. Through this I can tailor the map-based reporting so that it works better with apply-on-move triggered reports.