Bug - Module or Engine

Vassal - latest version (3.2.17)
Module - Europe Engulfed (1.7 - vassal version 3.1.9)

Downloaded the module and started playing with it in preparation for a game. Noticed the following behavior…

Ground Support Units (GSU) seem to acquire a “double” move flag, upon being moved (it looks like 2 move icons stacked). When right clicking and toggling the move status, it doesn’t appear to have any effect. However, when clicking the “clear move status” (for all units) button, the status DOES clear.

I don’t know if this is a bug with the engine, the module, or both. I took a quick look at the module and I see the following:

Prototype - GS (mark when moved)
Prototype - Marker (mark when moved)

So the “mark when moved” trait is being inherited twice (or more?).

Any help appreciated…

I was able to fix the problem by deleting one of the prototypes (prototype-GS), so the piece then only inherited the “mark when moved” trait once, rather than twice.

The pre-defined scenarios with the pieces created under the original definitions still had the problem, but new pieces created worked correctly.

Don’t know how much error checking is built in, but it might be helpful to have something that scanned for traits being assigned twice (or more)…