Bug: Possible sync issue?

I had a module started up and online with Version 3.6beta7; it had a game open (“Player 1”).

I joined that room with another instance of the module (this one under v3.5.8, “Player 2”), with a different game scenario open. I declined to save the game. All looked ok at the point in both sessions, albeit different games.

From player 1’s session (v3.6), I synchronised to player 2. The new game scenario came up fine on player 1’s screen.

However, player 2’s session refreshed to show both games overlaid on each other:

Messages in player 2’s chat log:

  • Waiting for Game Info…
  • Synchronization complete
  • Sending game info to Mark Bxx…

Messages in player 1’s chat log:

  • Sending game info to Mark B…
  • Sending synchronization request. Please wait a few moments…

I am not sure how Player 2 managed to get a hybrid of both games, yet Player 1 when Synch’d only shows Player 2’s original game.

To fix; Player 2 exits the room, closes their hybrid game and then re-joins the room. Now both Players see the game that Player 2 started up originally.

I think what should happen, is that when Player 2 joined the room before sync’ing, if Player 2 declines to save their open game, then it should have been closed nonetheless or (preferably?) Player 2 should be ejected back into the Main Room.