Bug: Property Sheet

Vassal 3.6.5
Windows 10 - 16 GB

When key command (or named command) issued to edit properties in a property sheet, the module goes on to execute other traits fired by that key/named command, without waiting for the value of the property in the property sheet to be changed.

For example: ALT+N opens a property sheet to allow changing the value of property named “test” which is property type text. Before the player ever edits property test to change its text, a Trigger that checks for ALT+N is fired. The command executed by the Trigger checks the value of property test BEFORE the player has entered the new value of property test.

This is true for any/all traits with key command ALT+N they all execute BEFORE the property sheet property value is changed, regardless of the relative trait order.

This is working as designed. Key command execution doesn’t halt for input. It might be different in V4, but this won’t change in V3.

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You must have not understood.

Property Sheet is the same as a Dynamic Property, with a different method of input. It is a set of properties with values that can be changed. Imagine if traits above a Dynamic Property in the list tested the previous value of of the Dynamic Property instead of the most recently changed value of the Dynamic Property. All modules would be rendered unusable.

It is the same with the Property Sheet. If the value of a property in a Property Sheet is changed, then when traits listed above it check the value of or use that property in an expression, they certainly should use the new, just changed value of the property.

Otherwise, as it stands now, a Property Sheet is useless. The module cannot test or use the new values entered, and any trait triggered by the change uses the wrong value.