Bug? Region names inside irregular grid,inside multi-zones

Hello All:

I have gotten the region names for an irregular grid to show up, in this case:

  • Map…
  • contains an irregular grid.
  • Draw region names is on.
  • Regions are define.
  • And the region names show up correctly.

When I change things as follows, it stops working:

  • Map…
  • contains a multi-zoned grid
  • Add a zone
  • Add the irregular grid above (copy/paste) to this new zone.
  • Then, the irregular grid labels no longer show up.

I’ve experimented in a number of ways with this, no luck! I would like to use zones, to control what pieces/cards can be dragged where.


FYI, attached is a simple demo that shows the problem.

This also demonstrates a problem with Zone highlighting. I can’t get the zone to highlight… possibly I have misunderstood the methodology for this. I’ve tried to set the highlighting for this one zone.



FYI, I have found the issue and workaround:

  • You have to save the module, close it, and reopen it before the zones start behaving properly.
  • I have run into other bugs like this, where it seemed like the changes did not ‘take’ when I ran the module (to test) right away.
  • In this case, saving, closing, reopening, fixed the zone issues when I tested it again.


Hi Dan,

Yes, when making major surgery to Maps, you will usually have to save and reload the module as a lot of the ‘Map’ stuff is setup at module load, not at game start.