Bug - Send to Location

3.5.2 Snapshot

“Main Map” (Map Window) - “Map” (Board) - with multi-zone Grid
Only a single board is defined for “Main Map”

A 2nd Map Window & Map is defined with an at start stack
a unit in the at start stack has the “Send to Location” trait set

Destination “Grid Location on Selected Map”
Map “Main Map”
Grid Location “A valid location on the Main Map”

The bug is as follows - although the Board field says it is “Optional” - it’s actually not optional.
If the Board field is empty - the Send to Location fails every time when triggered
If the Board field has “Map” entered it works fine when triggered

Reproducible and consistent.

Thanks for the report. The work ‘(Optional)’ should never have been included in the hint text. Will be removed in 3.5.4.

The 3.5.4-SNAPSHOT-95b893e38 builds is updated to reflect that: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/