Bug: Sound queue flushes (effect = silence)

I’ve noticed for a while that multiple sounds in quick succession cause sounds to be lost.

A simple example: Press the dice button in the Command & Colors Ancients module. It makes a dice roll sound. Press it twice in quick succession; no sound.

Is this fixable ?

Maybe. The problem could be our misuse of the sound libraries on which we rely or a bug or shortcoming in them. Make a ticket for it in the tracker—but keep in mind that you’ll also have to interest someone in working on it.

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Issue raised: Play Sound trait loses multiple sounds · Issue #10498 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub

Further testing has shown that this is an issue for .wav files. The workaround is to convert any .wav files to .mp3 and use those in the module instead.

Note - this is only really necessary for .wav files that the module may play in quick succession, either by user input or automation in the module.

Also, if multiple mp3 play sound traits are activated simultaneously - such as by a fast-acting GKC, the mp3 sound files will be additive, increasing the sound volume in proportion to the number of pieces activated. A better solution might be for the GKC to suppress sound and play its own. This is fiddly to do in current versions, so I made a feature request for this to be part of the GKC, like suppress reporting is.