[bug?] Turn Counter - global event not working correctly?


I created a turn counter with 2 levels

  • Week (property = “week”)
    |-- Day (property = “day” and 7 days loop)

I also created a Global Key command to trigger something when the day reaches a certain value.
(assuming the week is the name of the week property and day is the name of the day property)

If on the global key command I set the Match property “day=3” and increase the day to 3, the event is not triggered
But if I set it to “day” then the event is triggered on every day change
However, if I set it to “day=3” and increase the counter until the week is 3, the event is triggered correctly.

Unless I’m missing something, this seems to be a bug.

I ran into the same problem, but it’s not a bug.

The issue is that what you are defining in the turn counter is not a Global Key Command (GKC), it’s a Global Hot Key (GHK). So if you define something like “DoIT” in the turn counter and then define an associated trait for counters with a key command of “DoIT” - nothing will ever happen…


You have to create a “translator” by defining a GKC on a map (not counter). The map level GKC has a field to accept hot keys.

One problem with this approach, is that if the translator GKC is not on the main map, it won’t work if the secondary map is closed. However, this is being fixed in 3.6 with a new option for hotkeys to affect closed maps.

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