Bug/unintended side effect in VASSAL 3.7

This is more of an unintended side effect of a new feature, rather than an actual bug, but, when playing Terraforming Mars with a friend today in 3.7 for the first time, we noticed there was a button appearing on the toolbar that used to be hidden in a menu.
It turns out the problem was the button had the simple label +1, and VASSAL 3.7 was automatically converting that to just 1 (thanks to the new processing of button labels), and so not matching the button label for the menu. I was able to fix it by changing the button label to {"+1"}.

I’m not sure if this is worth trying to fix, but I thought I should mention it. I’ll be posting an updated version of Terraforming Mars shortly that fixes this minor error (along with a few others).

Edit: we were actually using VASSAL v3.7.1.

I’m not sure there’s anything to fix. You’re wanting +1 to be a string, not a numeric value, right? So the label ought to be a string, which means it needs quotes around it.

My point was, it’s an unwanted change in behavior from VASSAL 3.6 and before, and therefore there might be more complaints about it. As I said, I’ve already fixed it for Terraforming Mars.