Bug v3.5.8(& prev.): Global Option booleans not initialised

The editor allows a default to be specified for checkbox global options (checkbox - i.e. a boolean global option property).

However, neither the editor nor the player uses this default to set the global property, so until the module user sets/clears the preference, the setting is undefined (null).

The impact of this is that a module developer must implement a default either in a startup routine or in every expression that references the Global Option property.

Example modules linked below. One has default to blank checkbox, the other to a ticked checkbox.
Start the module for the first time, view the piece in the palette - it is reporting the value of the global option.
Note that it is null… go to the Preferences panel and find the test boolean tab - observe the setting changing once the preference is checked and unchecked (as expected).

I believe that the editor should be setting the global option property to “false” or “true” depending on how the checkbox is left when user “OKs” the setting.

HI Mark,

Could you give build 10351-Checkbox-preference-default a try please. I believe I have fixed this. Just one gotcha, the value of the Global Property is not set until you save and exit the module and re-load it, as the value of the Global Property is set via the Preferences when you first open the module.