Bug with Label Marker

This occurred with two versions of Vassal – the latest ones – and an old XP PC as well as a newer Windows 7 machine. It also seems to be repeatable. I’ll supply specs. if you can’t repeat the problem.

Devil’s Cauldron 6.2.0
Crete 1.0.4

Take a “Label” piece from the Markers drop-down selection menu and place it on the map on an empty hex.
Take any piece and place it in the same hex. (Two pieces can also be used.)

The placed game piece or pieces is/are no no longer selectable. They are able to be highlighted but can’t be manipulated. A right-click moves the map to the right click location (as though the piece isn’t there) and no pop-up menu comes up for the piece.

Thanks for reporting this. It is an issue with my GTS modules in particular, not a Vassal bug.

The ‘Label Me’ piece is designed to not be selectable in the normal course of events to prevent players from selecting and moving them accidentally. You need to hold down the Shift key while clicking on the label piece to select it.

The bug is that the Label Me piece has been assigned to the wrong layer and it is floating above the counters (invisibly) and masking the ability to select them. The fix is to force the Label pieces down to the bottom-most layer (e.g. like No Entry markers) where they will be out of the way.

I am in the process now of bringing out new versions of the GTS modules and will address this problem.