Bugs in combat commander Europe 2.4

I am experiencing some strange issues when using Combat Commander Europe 2.4 vassal module.

When playing Fat Lipki scenario as the Nazis, I seem unable to change the Objective owner as the “Germans”. Instead the message is Objective 5 is under none control where is should say Objective 5 is under German control. My Soviet opponent was also unable to change the control of the Objectives to Axis.

Additionally, when attempting to roll for dice, I get “* Cannot perform the requested function. Please place correct OB Marker on Top Left of Board to enable functionality”. I have tried moving and removing the counters in the OB, to no effect.

A copy of my vsav file is attached here

First thought, without looking into the problem, is does this work differently under Vassal v3.6.6 or the latest vassal master dev build ?

The reason I ask this is that there is an issue with leading zeros in Vassal v3.6.7 that has hit a number of previously working modules. It is fixed in v3.6.8 (hence reference to dev builds).

I loaded this scenario as the German player side and can’t replicate these problems in VASSAL 3.6.7. It’s a long shot, but have you verified that other player is using the exact same module version? There are still older version 2.3 module files on the wiki page. Which of you initiated the game–that is, created the first save/log?

I tried 3.6.8 and I get the same thing.

This was opening a vsav file. I tried an older vlog file from a few turns ago, and this problem no longer appears. Is my vsav corrupted? And why does it happen to just me, and not Joel, for example…

HI Joel, did you load my vsav file (attached)? Both players have the same module version and vassal version.

I tried v3.6.6 and same result