Bugzilla for Modules

I notice that a handful of modules are registered on bugzilla; is this facility discouraged for module developers or simply not used by the vast majority ?

Is there a route to get a module registered ?


bumping this, still in hope of using bugzilla rather than a google sheets list…

PM me your email address and names of modules you want, and I’ll see what we can do

I don’t remember getting a list of modules from Brian. This may be my fault. Let me know what you want and I’ll take care of it.

Thanks Joel.

The modules that I would like added in are Commands and Colors: Napoleonics, A Study in Emerald and Sixth Fleet.
I am already using the Vassal Bugzilla to track my C&C PRs, so I will re-categorise those from “Other Modules”.

Once a module category is available, will I be able to define versions, components etc?

I’ve added these modules to Bugzilla.

Adding versions and components clutters up the interface for VASSAL bugs, so I’d rather not add those.

Thanks Joel.