Buildfile Comparing Question(s)

World in Flames modules. While comparing 2 modules buildfiles, there are differences that I cannot account for. There are a lot of ‘1;ppscale;1.’, ‘2;ClickedX;0;ClickedY;’ and ‘3;ClickedX;0;ppScale;1.0;ClickedY;’ in 1 module or both modules.
Attached 1st image illustrates this. The 2nd pic is of Manchuria1 Terr (indicated by the green arrow on the 1st image). There is absolutely no obvious difference between these 2 Terrs, they have the same traits, in the same order and each trait is exactly the same.
What are these entries? What purpose do they serve? Indeed are they actually relevant?

My first guess is that the buildfile of the one without all the ppScale;1.0 entries pre-dates the advent of the feature that lets you draw a piece appearing in a palette at less than 100% zoom.

Yes, ppscale is the Piece Palette Scale factor. clickedX, clickedY is the co-ords of the last click on the piece in the palette. Because the pieces displayed in the piece palettes are pretend real pieces, they get some real state stored away in them.

You can ignore these differences, they are irrelevant, earlier versions that don’t support this functionality will ignore these options.

Thank you. I’m guessing that more of these will populate the buildfiles as time go on.

But the questions remain. Why? Can a module developer use this stuff to do things? What is this stuff worth, in terms of a module? For the life of me, I cannot see any possible use for this extraneous data. To me it just adds more bytes to the memory a module takes.
Convince me that this is actually worthwhile!

People (reasonably) asked at some point if they could scale down really large images in piece palettes when they are mixed with much smaller images. I don’t think you could measure a memory impact of this change if you tried–text is highly compressible.