Button on a Investigatorsheet


i want to add a button on a Investigatorsheet (Arkham Horror Module) to increase or decrease sanity or stamina.
The layers for both values are working (with shortcut or right-click menu). You can see an example in attachements.

“plus” and “minus” are the buttons i want to add.

Thanks for Help.

Hi, you can use the action button trait for that, each placed (offset from center) so it’s covering only the relevant area (+ or - in this case), and each invoking the appropriate key command.


thx for promt reply. can i make the button visable? Because i think that my button offset is wrong.

The Calculation:
Whole piece: 350x490
Button left corner should be at: 265x100

So the offset is 90x-145
Like explained here vassalfactory.org/vassalfact … rguide.pdf. Page 43

P.S. Could it be possible that, the button is “hiding” behind a layer?

This may not be correct, but if 175 is center width, and you want upper left at 265, then x offset is 90; and if 245 is center height, and you want upper left at 100, then y offset is -145… which looks like what you had. Perhaps the button size itself is too small? Also, double-check that the button’s invoking key command is working properly by first creating a full size area (350x490, x offset -175, y offset -245) and testing it to make sure that’s not the problem.

The action button is only a triggerable area btw, so it can’t be made visible on its own as far as I know, but I think what you could do is create a correctly sized “button” image (say 60 width by 40 height for example), load that pic into an always active layer, then move that around via the layer’s offset until it’s correctly placed. That might give you the exact figures for that action button area too (not sure).

The image you’d use for the test placement can be just a stand-in, removed with the test layer later, or you could create a button image itself and keep it visible on the card.

Good luck!

edit… I’m not sure about action buttons and trait order (re it possibly being hidden behind a full-sized active layer), but maybe yeah… so make sure it’s below the layer in trait order to be safe.

THX for you help. The math was correct :slight_smile: shortcut key was it…CTRL 1 instead of SHIFT 1…shame on me.

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