C&C:A, LotR: Conf or Carc The Castle PBEM with new playe

I have never played a game through VASSAL yet, but I am very fascinated by its possibilities. I live in Afghanistan at the moment so neither board gaming nor internet access is easy to find, so PBEM is the best option for me. I miss playing board games a lot, and would be very happy if someone would want to play some of the games mentioned in the subject line.
In order of familiarity with the game:

  1. Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation
  2. Carcassonne the Castle
  3. Commands & Colors: Ancients

Though I really want to play C&C, I guess that a couple of rounds with the other to games might be well worth it to become more familiar with the VASSAL engine.

Thanks for any help or opposition!


I am also new to vassal but I am a big fan of the carcassonne family. If you want to give it a try I am more than happy. Would you like me to set up the game and email you the first turn?


I’ll PM you my email address.