C&C: Ancients

Looking for opponents for C&C: Ancients live via Vassal. Any hour day or night (my work and sleeping schedule are very flexible.)Any level of experience from complete newbie to advanced. If you don’t know how to play on Vassal I can teach you quickly and easily. PM me here and then we’ll take it to email after that to arrange dates/times.

I have just joined Vassal. I have CC: Ancients (3rd Printing) and have played perhaps ten times. Would be very interested in some patient tutelage to get up to speed online.

Also own C&C Ancients, and interested in playing. If either of you are still interested in playing, that’d be great.

I don’t own the physical copy of the game, but, I have met Richard Borg in person, and yes, witnessed him playing a playtest version of C&C Ancients at Origins with miniatures. It is the C&C system, so it shouldn’t be hard to grasp, right? I have Memoir 44, Battle Cry, and Abbadon. Would be willing to give this a go. Thanks.

Would like to play.

New to vassal, and only played a few games of C&C: Ancients. DOn’t have a copy but have borrowed it from the local game group several times.