C&C:Naploeonics 4.1.2 Module Issues

We’ve just played a game using the new 4.1.2 module (both players, and both on Vassal 3.6.7) and had lots of issues, such that most of it was done the old way, pulling cards and markers around.

So for example the card draws didn’t work properly - Scout gave you a choice of two cards, takes one to hand fine, discards the other, but it didn’t provide a Tactics card or end the turn.

And I couldn’t draw the initial cards - the hands were greyed out, so I pulled them across manually.

Or the leader casulalty check didn’t always work. Although overall mainly issues around the cards functionality, but response times seemed slower too.

What’s really odd is that we played on Tuesday as well, without any problems, but on 4.1.1.

Andrey was on a PC, I was on a MacBook Air both times.

Hope this feedback helps.


Thanks for the report, John. As discussed, I looked at the log file from Andrey and could see that something went amiss when you connected to the game. At some point, your view of the game was in a different state from Andrey’s and it looks like some of the corruption persisted (though you managed to work round it) accounting for the other things that didn’t work as expected.

That’s confirmed by when we connected ourselves to a new game, both of us on v4.1.2 and everything worked fine. I will keep an eye out for any other reports.

I have now played 4 games using 4.1.2 (all on MacBook Air) and I have no issue (except perhaps once I wasn’t able to place VP banner on my track, but I was able to in my last ahem so perhaps it was a user error the first time).

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Thanks Renaud. That VP banner track issue is real - when it doesn’t work it is, as far as I can tell, due to a known error in Vassal v3.6.7, fixed in v3.6.8. Until that gets released, dragging from the markers palette will have to do. If it persists in v3.6.8 I will take a deeper look.